Outsourcing & Subcontracting

What services can Trader's Edge provide:

We can satisfy all your web and application development needs. Custom development, Internet development or Intranet development will be done professionally and to your satisfaction.

Partnerships and Teamwork:

Trader's Edge LLC offers it's services to other organizations who wish to provide more value to their client's without the expense of staffing for development or providing a secure hosting environment. Trader's Edge becomes the silent partner behind the scenes allowing it's partners to provide more to their clients and to profit more by offering a wider array of services.

A variety of businesses are well-suited to profit from offering development services to their clients. A few examples include:
  • Web design firms looking to add dynamic content and client interactivity to their web sites,
  • Sales & Marketing firms desiring to offer their clients the ability to market their products and services online,
  • Traditional Print and Print Media companies expanding into the online market.

Why Subcontract:

Trader's Edge LLC partners with you to fill your clients' development needs. We have the technology and experience you want to provide to your clients. And unlike an employee, when we are not being put to use, we cost you nothing. We provide our own benefits, so you never need to provide them. You add services without adding staff. You can decide what you charge for the services that Trader's Edge provides. We provide you special rates, and you are free to pass them on to your client as you see fit.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of Outsourcing or Partnering with Trader's Edge, please contact us.