Website Maintenance

Our client base consists of a wide variety of website structures; Dynamic, Portal, eCommerce and Static HTML. Maintenance of such diverse sites has given us the knowledge and capabilities to work with your needs, regardless of your website type, style or size.
Personal Service - We pride ourselves with personalized customer service - it's the reason so many of our clients have been with us long term.
Pre-Release Review - Updates can be displayed at a private web address for your review and at your convenience.
Turnaround Time - Normally within 48 hours. (Excluding weekends and holidays unless it is an emergency situation.)

Some common maintenance tasks are:

content update, announcements, articles, etc.
replace images i.e. Pictures & graphics
adding/removing pages/content
image manipulation and addition (client supplied images)
newsletter & email list maintenance
shopping cart product updates


Dynamic Website - A website written in an application programming language and making use of an external data source to provide interactive and easily administrable content.
Portal - A website produced from a standardized framework, built using programmed modules to provide website functionality.
eCommerce - A website set up for online product sales or used to generate income.
Static HTML - A website built in HTML tag language. The content is static and requires maintenance to change.

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Featured Clients

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Located in Sri Lanka, Borneo Exotics propagates the widest variety of Nepenthes anywhere and is continuously selectively breeding new and more horticulturally desirable hybrids and cultivars, using entirely state-of-the-art and conservation-friendly techniques.