Trader's Edge LLC

New Projects & Updates

New Mining Rig

Here is the new Ethereum mining rig we prepped and modded for a client.

 Ethereum Mining Rig

Top View

Ethereum Mining Rig 2

Front View.

This 8 GPU rig is running at 30+ hash rate per GPU and averaging 246.xx hash overall.



Welcome To Trader's Edge LLC.

Welcome to the World of Innovation. Trader's Edge LLC helps you to add value to your everyday Ideas.

Trader's Edge LLC is made up of IT professionals with various experience levels, skillsets and backgrounds who together bring a wide range of ideas to any project with the intent reaching the goal of the client. Customer service is more than just a catch phrase to us, a large number of our clients have been clients for over 10 years because we do provide good customer service, we care about how well our clients are doing and show it. 

We continuously try to improve our systems, our tools and our methods so that our results will continue to improve also. We believe in knowledge transfer, with other staff members and with our clients, the more we understand our clients needs - the easier it is to reach them, the better the client understands our skills - the better they can determine what needs we can accomplish for them.